Replacement Parts

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Barometer Calibration Kit

Calibration Kit for the Eco-celli and Tendency Barometers

Barometer calibration kit for the Eco-celli Barometers or Tendency Barometers

  • Price: $12.95

Eco-celli Barometer Tube

Eco-celli replacement barometer tube

Replacement barometer tube for the Eco-celli barometer.  

  • Price: $94.00

Thermometer for Eco-celli Barometers

Replacement thermometer for the Eco-celli Barometer

Replacement thermometer for all models of Eco-celli Barometers.

  • Price: $64.00

Barometer Calibration Kit with Red Fluid

Barometer calibration kit with red fluid

Barometer calibration kit for the Eco-celli or Tendency barometers with a vile of red barometer fluid.

  • Price: $17.95