Mercury Free Barometers

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Eco-celli Barometer

Eco-celli Acrylic mercury-free Barometer - Great school barometer

The Eco-celli Barometer is a patented new development in the ecological design of liquid barometers.  The Eco-celli contains no mercury making it a perfect barometer for all schools.   

  • Price: $269.00

Fox Innovacelli Barometer

Fox Innovacelli Barometer

Fox Innovacelli Barometer - the latest barometer from Dingens Barometers of Belgium.

  • Price: $495.00

Innovacelli Precision Barometer

Innovacelli Precision Barometer

Reads true pressure at any altitude.  NIST/BELAC Traceable calibration.  Easy-to-read liquid readout.  No offsets or calculations required.  No electricity, no gears or springs, just physics.

  • Price: $2,995.00